Preparing to Buy Your Boat & “On a Budget”?

If you are making plans to buy your boat this year but you are on a budget, it is important that you know about all the costs you are going to have to pay out after you pay for the boat. Boats sale gurus over at advise to make yourself aware of these costs now, you can properly budget your money so that you won’t be burdened down the road.

Here are some of the more popular expenses you will be paying for this year.

1. Boat License and Insurance – Insurance costs can vary so do your homework and shop around before settling on just one company.

2. Fuel Charges – Fuel costs more than you might think, so be sure to set aside enough cash to keep your boat sailing along.

3. Boat Trailer – If you are not paying to keep the boat at a marina, you need to buy a trailer. if you buy a used boat, you could get a deal for the trailer..

4. Marina Fees – To keep your boat at the local marina you will have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

5. Maintenance Costs – Fixing and maintaining a boat can be very costly, shop around for a qualified mechanic to do the work.

6. Fishing Equipment – If you plan on fishing, set aside money for poles, reels, rods, bait, nets, traps, and licenses.

7. Water Fun – In order to have fun on the water, you will need to buy water skis and tubes.

8. Winterizing – To keep your boat safe and secure during the cold winter months, you will have to get the boat properly winterized.

9. Safety Equipment – Safety is paramount when you are taking people out on your boat. You must invest in plenty of life jackets for all passengers, and it doesn’t hurt to invest in a boating school or safety program.

10. Weather Radio – Things can go bad in the blink of an eye out on the water. A good satellite weather radio is an absolute must.

11. Depth Finder – Fishing gets that much easier when you have a depth finder on board.

12. Repair Costs – Set aside some money now in the event something goes wrong like you go aground and need the hull repaired.

If you can set aside enough money at the start to cover the majority of these expenses, then you are miles ahead in the game and will get the most out of each time you and your friends head out on the water with your boat.

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Your Homes Air Quality Can Effect your Quality of Life!


In recent years, homes have become airtight due to some insulation techniques. Though it reduces energy bills, it can also lead to more indoor air pollutants. With less space to move out, contaminants in the air remain inside your home and affect air quality. In addition to this, particulates in your HVAC system and organic compounds, such as floor and ceiling paints, can increase problems for homeowners.

Some Important Solutions

According to experts, such problems can lead to various health issues, especially for people suffering from allergies. Therefore, you need to consider some things to improve air quality in your home. In this post, we’ve discussed some homeowners tips for air quality. It is worth mentioning that homeowners can choose from many different options to ensure improved air quality in the home. Homeowners can make sure their homes are pollutant-free and health.

Source Control – This is the most important step to improve air quality. You need to eliminate individual sources, including wood burning stoves, smoking and more. It is also important to store your cleaning products outside. You also need to remove dangerous insulation and asbestos products.

Ventilation Improvements – It is very important to allow proper ventilation in your home. You should often open the doors and windows. You also need to run kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans. It is necessary to operate attic or window fans whenever weather permits.

Air Filters and Cleaners – There are also some modifications and add-ons you can make to the HVAC system. These additions can filter out contaminants, and easily improve air quality. You should also keep a check on your HVAC system’s maintenance schedule, and perform routine filter changes. If you are willing to spend more money, you can also purchase high end filtration systems that remove around 98% of household contaminants.

Choose the Right Equipment and Systems

When it comes to improving air quality in your home, it is important to choose the right equipment and systems. If you are using older or outdated models of appliances, they can affect the air quality in your home. After 10 years or so, most appliances need to be replaced or upgraded. Therefore, you should keep a check on the ‘expiry date’ of your appliances.

Last but not the least, you should hire professionals for cleaning the vents, filters, ducts and other such spaces in your home. You can even hire a company for air sampling. This can give you an idea about air quality in your home.

How to have a Stress Free Move from a Real Estate Charleston SC Relocation Expert

Real Estate Charleston SCMoving to a new location can be a very stressful time for many people. In your town you know where everything is, you know all the back roads to avoid traffic, and you have your favorite places where everybody knows you by name. The thought of moving to a new location can shock the system, and cause all types of unnecessary stress. Try some of these simple tips for relocating to a new area from a real estate Charleston relocation expert to help you easily get accustomed to your new surroundings. For more information please visit there website at:

Taking a Short Vacation
Pack your bags for the weekend and plan a trip to the place that you will be relocating. Once you are settled into the hotel, take a trip though different neighborhoods to get a feel for their surroundings. What looks great online might have a different feel once you are actually driving through the streets. Carefully look at traffic patterns, neighboring communities, and how things look and sound after the sun goes down. Visit local restaurants and get a feel for the area by speaking with the staff, locals, and anyone who will offer you advise. Better to find out that neighborhood you love is located near a loud water treatment facility on your trip than move in and be awoken each morning by the noises coming from the buildings.

Talk to the Professionals
The local Chamber of Commerce has welcome packages available for new residents, so take the time to stop by and speak with a member of the association. They can show you where all the community municipal buildings are located, as well as every business registered with their organization. Many of the companies in the directory will be services you might need when moving into a new home, from painters, plumbers, doctors, lawn care specialists. pool maintenance, and pest control. Bring this information home and research each company on their social media profile before you choose one.

Interact With a Realtor
The local realtors know everything good and bad about a community, they live in that world day and night. Before you visit the location, speak with a realtor online and try to line up a few appointments so you can see the inside of a few houses in neighborhoods you like. While you have the realtor showing you around, this is the perfect chance to ask her questions about local school systems, crime rates, and details about the neighborhood in general. The realtor can help you better match your dream house to the perfect area in that community.

Drinking and Driving Hard Some Cold Hard Facts from a DUI Lawyer in Charleston SC

DUI Lawyer CharlestonIf you have been arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence, we assume that you don’t have a professional lawyer in your corner yet. So you have handled the arraignment, obtained a police report, reviewed the results of the sobriety test, and analyzed your blood alcohol content. Now is the time for getting a lawyer’s 
opinion regarding your DUI case.  Here is a run-down of what you might expect from your DUI Charge from a DUI lawyer Charleston.

Understanding the DUI Arrest Process
If this is a 1st offense, non-injury DUI case, the rate of conviction varies. Your lawyer will help you to avoid having to plead guilty by carefully analyzing the information that was collected by the arresting officer. From the videotape in the police car, to the testing done during the field test, all these pieces of the puzzle will be carefully scrutinized to ensure your results are 100% accurate. Your lawyer can uncover details that you might not have access to, from showing the device was not calibrated properly, to showing the arresting officer has made mistakes before with the same testing equipment.

Understanding the Details of the Case
If you have been arrested because of a high blood alcohol content, t could be a challenge trying to convince a judge to lessen or dismiss your case. In the event the blood or breath test placed you at above .08, you’ll be convicted of DUI. The chances of conviction is over 90% should your BAC be at .08 to .11. In many states, punishment is worse if test shows a number above .15 or even .20. If the officer testifies you were driving just like you could have been drunk, and the tests back this up, you will probably be convicted of driving drunk. That is why it is urgent you have a professional attorney fight to uncover other aspects of the case that could cast doubt on the arrest.

Using a DUI Attorney to Plea Bargain
As the area of uncertainty grows, plea bargaining the law increases. The examination results showed a BAC .09 or .10, so this field sobriety test could be considered inconclusive. The prosecution might be willing to transform the charge from DUI into a lesser offense, for example a reckless driving charge, which is less serious in numerous states and may be considered a misdemeanor. This is what’s known in the legal world as a “legal fiction”. These are instances that your attorney has experience with and can easily put to the judge in the hopes of getting you out of jail time, fines, or a license suspension. For more advice feel free to visit: